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Introducing BOLT ACTION: Vietnam

The last few months have been a bit of a blur, we had our second child in August so in 2015 I didn’t do too many events as I have been winding down the hobby, I lost my painting room to make way for child #1’s bedroom so whilst I have been doing a little painting it has not been as much as I would like, also, due to lack of space, some figures / armies have had to go. This whole chain of events, to cut a long story short has put my hobby into a kind of streamlined perspective, having got rid of a few Flames of War armies to concentrate on ones I have decent success with or are fun to play.

That  being said, just before going on paternity leave I got interested in Bolt Action after one of our clubmates, Lee, decided to explore some new games, I also managed to get a couple of reasonably cheap SAGA forces due to ebay, donations and some tradings. After playing a few games of Bolt Action what I really wanted to do in 28mm was Vietnam War. I did buy the Flames of War Vietnam book when it came out but it never really took off due to percieved imbalance and large amounts of cash needed for armies, one or two people did manage to get some games in but then armies got sold and enthusiasm got lost along the way.

In my opinion, the Bolt Action order dice system lends itself very well to skirmish warfare and makes a much more interesting and dynamic game than “I Go, You Go” type systems, with a little research I found an issue of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy which had made the first attempt to translate Bolt Action into the Vietnam period,¬† however in my opinion, this did not go far enough. So with that in mind, I began to work on my own set of rules for Vietnam.

What I have at the moment are work in progress rules for US, PAVN and Viet Cong which should be ready for playtesting, the aim is also to add rules for ARVN, ANZAC and US Special Forces, after this I will start to write specific missions for Viet Cong and US Special Forces to reflect their more specialised roles in the war, and to balance out any possible balance issues coming from those respective forces.

The Bolt Action: Vietnam menu should link to all the public files, if you’d like to join in on discussion then there is a facebook group here;



The Viet Cong move through the jungle to flank the US Army, Models by Baker Company and The Assault Group


The US Advances through the Jungle, Models by The Assault Group